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Massachusetts Commercial Tier 3 Formulary (02/16/2024)
Welcome to the Tufts Health Plan Online Drug List

Finding the coverage level for your drug is easy. Just enter the drug name below. If you are unsure of the spelling of the drug name, you can enter just the first three letters to see all drugs that match your entry. You can also view the lists of all drugs in a particular therapeutic class or those that are covered by one of our pharmacy programs by clicking on those options below.

The results of the drug search will include the generic drug name in lower case followed by the brand drug name capitalized and in parentheses. The tiers for both the generic and the brand name drug will be listed. If the brand name drug is Not Covered, an "NC" notation will appear. As new generics are released, the associated brand will automatically move to either Tier-3 or to Not Covered status.

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Tufts Health Plan frequently evaluates the drug list to ensure the most clinically appropriate choices are available to members. We may change a drug's tier placement during the year. This list is updated weekly.

If you have questions about the coverage status of your drug, please contact us at the numbers listed on the back of your member identification card.